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Our work relies on the inspiration and generosity of our community partners. Partnering with HFHSLOCO is a great way to build community among your group members, showcase your business’s generosity, or creatively motivate your staff while joining Habitat as we build homes, communities, and hope in San Luis Obispo County. Start the conversation by applying to partner with us today!

Customizable Partnerships with Defined Benefits

Each partnership represents a unique relationship between HFHSLOCO and our corporate, business, and community supporters. Partnership agreements are flexible and fully customizable, establishing defined benefits that create the most valuable relationship or both parties. What’s more, partnerships are critical to our work which is changing the lives of individuals and families in San Luis Obispo County. Partnerships can be designed to benefit any one of or combination of our programs. Click the button below to learn more about the programs that partnerships benefit, and read on to learn about partnership options.


Sponsorship partners contribute targeted or unencumbered funds to further the work of our mission through a specific program.

Team Build

A Team Build partnership introduces an opportunity to contribute both financial and volunteer support for our work.

In-Kind Donation

A partnership can be developed around a large-scale donation of products or an agreement to provide pro-bono services.


Provide a meaningful donation to support our fundraising or volunteer recruitment efforts, or financially support our operations.

Examples of Partnerships

Team Build Construction Partnership

Our most popular type of partnership, a Team Build provides an opportunity for teams of approximately 15 people to build or repair homes and develop teamwork skills in a single event. The partnering organization provides a minimum financial contribution and coordinates volunteers to support a day of service on a particular project. These partnerships provide a unique and rewarding team building experience that allows the partnering organization to do something good, and get something in return. No construction experience is required and all tools, training, and materials are provided.

Volunteer Hour Match

Offer a one-time or ongoing volunteer hour match agreement. Some employers provide the employee their regular rate-of-pay for a day of service to HFHSLOCO, allowing their staff to support our programs at their own convenience. Or, a business may sponsor a day or days of service by providing a financial contribution to HFHSLOCO in support of their staff serving on a specific project.

Neighborhood Revitalization Partner

Our Neighborhood Revitalization initiatives often require a commitment from several organizations providing an array of services for a common goal. By providing a financial contribution, in-kind donation, or volunteer support to our neighborhood revitalization program, partners join with HFHSLOCO to change the lives of local residents in specific neighborhoods in our community.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Sponsor a fundraiser for HFHSLOCO and motivate your staff to solicit donations from their peers by offering a company match for every dollar they earn.

Sponsor HFHSLOCO Staff

Sponsor an HFHSLOCO employee to manage or support a particular project. This partnership could apply to any of our programs, but is especially applicable to our Neighborhood Revitalization initiatives.

Event, Program or Project Sponsors & Donors

Develop an agreement to furnish products, skills or services in support of our work through direct financial or in-kind donations. We welcome partners from more than just the construction sector with opportunities to support local families through financial literacy education, community development initiatives, ReStore retail operations, and more.

Sponsoring an event is a great way to support your community while showcasing how your sponsorship is making a real difference for local individuals and families.

Examples of Benefit Agreements

Partner Marketing & Social Media Agreements

  • Co-advertising campaigns
  • Social media engagement plans, campaigns
  • Recognition on web or print materials, blog, newsletter
  • Rights to use of HFHSLOCO logo by partner organization

Trade or Service Agreements

Recognition for on-going services provided to our programs

Named Sponsor, Event Participant

  • Named sponsor for a project, build, home, event, etc.
  • Participant in project ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Participant in key presentation ceremony

Customized Creative Plans

We are always open to discussing new ideas and opportunities

Apply to partner with HFHSLOCO today!

Applications for partnership are always accepted; there is no application period or deadline to apply.

To begin the process, you may call us at (805) 782-0687 or join us on GivePulse and complete the online membership application for the Partners program.

Thank you for your support! Habitat for Humanity San Luis Obispo County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your gift may be tax deductible. Our federal tax ID number is 77-0434147.

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